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描述PCI OLR latching assembly - Disables PCI slots for hot-swap functionality and retains the PCI cards - Includes four OLR housings, 16 OLR buttons, PC board, 16 OLR paddles, and OLR switch cable
小型机 HP 9000 rp7440 12-processor Server(AD028A) HP 9000 rp7440 16-processor Server(AD029A) HP 9000 rp7440 4-processor Server(AD026A) HP 9000 rp7440 8-processor Server(AD027A) HP 9000 Server - rp7405 2-way(A7111A) HP 9000 Server - rp7405 4-way(A7112A) HP 9000 Server - rp7405 8-way(A7113A) HP 9000 Server - rp7410(A6752A) HP 9000 Server - rp7410(A6752AR) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6093A) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6093AR) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6422A) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6422AR) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6423A) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6423AR) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6424A) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6424AR) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6425A) HP 9000 Server - rp8400(A6425AR) HP 9000 Server - rp8420(A6912A) HP 9000 Server rp7420(A7025A) HP 9000 Server rp7420 - 12 Way(AB207A) HP 9000 Server rp7420 - 16 Way(AB208A) HP 9000 Server rp7420 - 4 Way(AB205A) HP 9000 Server rp7420 - 8 Way(AB206A) HP Integrity rx7640 2-core FAST Solution(AD064A) HP Integrity rx7640 4-core FAST Solution(AB447A) HP Integrity rx7640 6-core FAST Solution(AD242A) HP Integrity rx7640 8-core FAST Solution(AB448A) HP Integrity rx7640 Server(AB312A) HP server 12-way rx8620 FAST Solution(AB239A) HP Server 16-way rp8420 FAST Solution(AD008A) HP server 16-way rx8620 fast Solution(AB240A) HP Server 24-way rp8420 FAST Solution(AD009A) HP server 24-way rx8620 FAST Solution(AB341A) HP server 2-way rx8620 fast Solution(AB236A) HP Server 32-way rp8420 FAST Solution(AD010A) HP server 32-way rx8620 FAST Solution(AB342A) HP Server 4-way rp8420 FAST Solution(AD006A) HP server 4-way rx8620 FAST Solution(AB237A) HP Server 8-way rp8420 FAST Solution(AD007A) HP server 8-way rx8620 FAST Solution(AB238A) HP server rx7620 Solution(A7027A) HP server rx8620 Solution(A7026A)
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