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名称IBM System Storage SAN80B-4
端口信息随需增加端口的可扩展性支持非中断性的容量激活,可从 48个端口扩展为 64 至 80个端口。
标准性能支持 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) technology
产品尺寸高 8.6cm/3.4inch;宽 42.88cm/16.88in;深 61.0cm/24.0in;重量 15.6kg/34.4lb。
其他特性IBM System Storage SAN80B-4 switch with 80 ports, 48 ports activated (0 to 47) and FOS 6.1.0 or later, hardcopy Installation Guide, CD-ROM (with manuals), service and wrap tools, small form factor pluggable (SFP) extraction tool, two 110-volt power cords for rack installation, rail kit, Advanced Zoning, EGM, EZSwitchSetup Wizard, Fabric Watch, Full Fabric, Web Tools. Fibre Channel interface: E_Port, F_Port, FL_Port, M_Port and optional EX_Port. Dual power supply/fan modules. Servers supported: IBM Power Systems, IBM System i® and selected IBM AS/400® servers, IBM System p® and selected IBM RS/6000® servers. System x, selected IBM Netfinity® servers and other Intel® processor-based servers. IBM System z9® EC, System z9 BC, IBM zSeries® 990 and 900. Select Sun and HP servers. Storage Products Supported: IBM System Storage DS8000®, DS6000™ and DS4000® storage servers. IBM TotalStorage® Enterprise Storage Server® systems. IBM TotalStorage FAStT Family of storage servers. IBM System Storage N Series NAS filers and gateways. IBM TotalStorage 3580, 3588, 3590 and 3592 tape drives. IBM TotalStorage 3494, 3582, 3583 and 3584 tape libraries. IBM TotalStorage 3581 Tape Autoloader. IBM TotalStorage 3584 High Availability Frame Model HA1. IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller. Other selected storage systems. 1-year; customer replaceable unit (CRU); warranty service upgrades are available; Power 90-264 V ac (Universal), 47-63 Hz
2401 IBM 4 Gbps Short Wave SFP Transceiver
2408 IBM 4 Gbps SW 8-Pack SFP Transceiver
2411 IBM 4 Gbps 10Km Long Wave SFP Transceiver
2418 IBM 4 Gbps 10Km LW 8-Pack SFP Transceiver
2441 IBM 4 Gbps 4Km Long Wave SFP Transceiver
2448 IBM 4 Gbps 4Km LW SFP Transceiver 8-Pack
2480 IBM 4 Gbps 30Km ELW SFP Transceiver
2801 IBM 8 Gbps SW SFP Transceiver
2808 IBM 8 Gbps SW SFP Transceiver 8-Pack
2821 IBM 8 Gbps 10Km LW SFP Transceiver
2828 IBM 8 Gbps 10Km LW SFP Transceiver 8-Pack
2881 IBM 8Gb 25 Km ELW SFP Transceiver
5605 IBM 5m Fibre Cable LC/LC Multimode 50u
5608 IBM WC0 IBM Tivoli Storage Productivitu Center Standard Edition
5625 IBM 25m Fibre Cable LC/LC Multimode 50u
5639 IBM D1F IBM System Storage Data Center Fabric Manager V10
5721 IBM 31m Fibre Cable LC/LC Singlemode 9u
5810 IBM 10m OM3 Cable LC/LC
7800 IBM 16-Port Activation
7801 IBM B80 Enterprise Package
7803 IBM H16 Extended Fabric Activation
7804 IBM Advanced Performance Monitor
7805 IBM Trunking Activation
7806 IBM Adaptive Networking
7807 IBM Integrated Routing
7809 IBM FICON w/CUP Activation
9205 IBM Desktop lnstall Power Cord
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