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名称IBM System Storage SAN768B-2
端口信息Provides up to 384 16 Gbps universal Fibre Channel ports or up to 512 8 Gbps universal FC ports.
标准性能2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps Fibre Channel or FICON connections, 10 Gbps Fibre Channel ISL, in-flight encryption and compression, 64 (4x16) Gbps ICL connections and 1/10 Gbps FCIP. Fabric-based encryption for data-at-rest. Advanced fabric services and management tools. Backward compatibility with the 8 and 4 Gbps System Storage SAN b-type director, switch and router models.
产品尺寸Size: 宽度: 43.74 centimeters (cm) (17.22 inches (in.)) 高度: 61.24 cm (24.11 in., 14U) 深度 (with door): 73.20 cm (28.82 in.). Weight (maximum ports fully populated): 103.50 kilogram (kg) (228.20 pounds (lbs)) for 384-port configuration fully populated. 39.55 kg (82.20 lbs) for chassis.
其他特性The base chassis includes the following components: One Director Chassis with door, two vertical cable management combs, redundant (active/standby) control processor blades, redundant active/active core switching blades, redundant power supplies, fans, Zero Fibre Channel Port Blades, Zero small form-factor pluggables (SFPs) and Ship Group that includes an installation guide hardcopy, CD-ROM (with manuals), two rack power distribution unit (PDU) power cords, service tools and wrap tools, serial cable, RJ-45, wrist strap, cable retainer kit and SFP extraction tool. In addition to the above stated components, the base chassis of the SAN768B-2 includes three blower fans and option for two additional power supplies. The Ship Group also includes the 14U rack mounting kit (BR120). As for the SAN384B-2, the base chassis includes 2 blower fans and 1U exhaust duct kit. Base Functionality: Web Tools, Advanced Zoning, Full Fabric, Virtual Fabrics, EGM, Fabric Watch, Extended fabrics, ISL Trunking, Advanced Performance Monitoring, Server Application Optimization and Adaptive Networking. Fabric Operating System (v7.0 or later). Hot-swap components: Control processors (CPs), core routing modules, power supplies, fan modules, all Fibre Channel port blades, Extension blade, Encryption Blade, SFPs and QSFPs. Rack support: IBM TotalStorage SAN cabinet (2109-C36).
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