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名称IBM System Storage SAN18B-R (Brocade product name SilkWorm 7500)
端口信息16 Fibre Channel SFP ports supporting Fibre Channel Routing Services with link speeds up to 1-, 2-, or 4-Gbs.
其他特性Brocade product name SilkWorm 7500. High availability features: 3 redundant, hot-swappable fan units, each with two fans (for a total of 6 fans). 2 hot-swappable redundant power supplies. 3 internal temperature sensors. Optional features of the switch include: FC over IP SAN Extension (FCIP) activation. Fabric Manager. Web Tools. Zoning. Advanced Security Bundle. FICON® Accelerator Activation–supports FICON Emulation for IBM z/OS® (requires FOS 6.1.1 or higher).
2130 IBM Quad Rate SW SFP Transceivers (Withdrawn)
2140 IBM Quad Rate 10 km LW SFP Transceivers (Withdrawn)
2150 IBM Quad Rate 4 km LW SFP Transceivers (Withdrawn)
2235 IBM 2 Gbps 35 Km Ext Distance LW SFP Transceiver (Withdrawn)
2410 IBM 4 Gbps SW SFP Transceiver
2414 IBM 4 Gbps SW SFP Transceivers - 4 Pack
2420 IBM 4 Gbps 10 km LW SFP Transceiver
2424 IBM 4 Gbps 10 km LW SFP Transceivers - 4 Pack
2430 IBM 4 Gbps 4 km LW SFP Transceiver
2434 IBM 4 Gbps 4 km LW SFP Transceivers - 4 Pack
2440 IBM 4 Gbps 30 km ELW SFP Transceiver
2550 IBM 1 GbE Copper SFP Transceiver
5601 IBM 1m Fibre Cable LC/LC Multimode 50u (Withdrawn)
5605 IBM 5m Fibre Cable LC/LC Multimode 50u
5608 IBM WC0 IBM Tivoli Storage Productivitu Center Standard Edition
5625 IBM 25m Fibre Cable LC/LC Multimode 50u
5639 IBM D1F IBM System Storage Data Center Fabric Manager V10
5701 IBM SC/LC Coupling Cable 1m (Withdrawn)
5720 IBM FC 4Gb LW 10km SFP
5721 IBM 31m Fibre Cable LC/LC Singlemode 9u
5722 IBM 2m Fibre Cable SC/LC Singlemode 9u (Withdrawn)
7530 IBM FICON w/CUP Activation
7538 IBM FICON Accelerator Activation
7574 IBM R18 Advanced Security Activation
7575 IBM R18 Performance Bundle-Plant(Withdrawn)
7579 IBM R18 FCIP Activation
9205 IBM Desktop lnstall Power Cord
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