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Beijing Golden Point Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd (GPOS) is a own brand of IT services and total solutions provider in China. Since the establishment, GPOS has been committed to the third-party’s provide professional and reliable IT service to the government and enterprise customers. Including IT system maintenance, professional IT support ,IT consulting and IT training, Our efforts have promoted the improvement of many customers’ IT system operation level.



GPOS has been built up a marketing and service network covering most of the China region, Headquartered in Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Development Zone, with offices in all major urban centers of China. Our service team has cross-platform integrated service capabilities, combined with research and development, testing, consulting and other advantages, can provide a variety of a powerful and reliable operational support for mainstream software and hardware system.



As an active practitioner of Chinese minicomputers Maintenance, GPOS has accumulated a lot of weathy experience in service industries, developed our own standardized management processes and personalized services industry solutions. Over many years, we have provided high quality service to thousands of customers from government, transportation, energy, power, communications, finance, manufacturing and other industries.



Company Profile:

n  The registered capital is 10000000 yuan

n  Annual sales income is 40000000 yuan (2012)

n  Obtained the third grade of system integration qualification

n  It is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing City

n  Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification

n  It is an IBM authorized agent

n  It is a HP authorized agent

n  It is an Oracle/SUN authorized agent

n  It has 100 staffs, 50 Service Engineers

n  IT has 9 domestic branches all over the country

n  Obtained "2012 China IT operation service excellent brand"


As early as 1987, we founded a professional maintaince team for DEC minicomputer, and the scope of business expands to the maintenance of IBM, HP, SUN minicomputer in 1990.As the oldest DEC minicomputer maintenance team in China.these years,GPOS continued expansion of business and further research on MA and related fields,Has our MA business to the overall solution of the height and breadth,we repeated success, and achievement.At present, our business has covered many aspects of MA and its related:



Mainstream manufacturers server, storage, network equipment etc.


Mainstream operating system, database system, backup system, middleware etc.

Information security

Disaster recovery and backup, disaster recovery, safety barriers scheme, network security etc.


Spare parts sales, equipment rental, IT consulting, IT training etc.


Service Ability

The founding members of GPOS were long service to the famous IT company, be in the full vigour of life, they have many years of work experience in IT service,the reputation and influence of the famous,And they aspire to be Chinese IT users the most valuable system integrators and consulting service provider.



GPOS is equipped with a number of experts in various fields, including marketing, service organization, IT technical experts, trade, capital operation, and industry experts,has a team of experienced technical service team, there are 80% engineers obtain vendor certification in 50 service engineers. Most engineers who also contribute in other areas, they formed the core values of GPOS -- high efficient, high energy technical services team.


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