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Chinese Super Power, Chinese Super Views!



Welcome to China

Welcome to expand your business in China!

We will provide a nationwide network to support!



Chinese sales agent

Market research

Technology center construction


Software development outsourcing

IT equipment procurement


Investment channelsMarket research! Fundamental serviceWe can be your reliable partner.



Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Nanchang, Kunming, Nanning, Jinan, Yantai, Canton, Hohhot, Hong Kong


We are here:

    Beijing Golden Point Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd (GPOS) is a local enterprises for IT services, which owed with a nationwide network. We have processed abundant and many years of service experience. Over the years, we have accumulated massive business experience, channel resources and lots of strategic partners in many industries such as railway, transportation, energy, electric power, education, medical, manufacturing, scientific research institutions, government, national defense and other sides.


What we can offer for you:

    We can provide you with a wide range of business support, which is conducive to your company's business fast, low cost landing rooted in China.


We can also provide support for you:

Chinese mainland market sales agent

Construction Technology Service Center

In China, information maintenance IT system

Consultancy and advisory services

Third parties’ Software development outsourcing

IT equipment procurement

To promote trade in China

To support for Investment project promotion, liaison, investment plans

To support legal advisor analysis consultation, policy analysis consulting in China, Internet marketing planning and implementation China market.



What you can get:

    You can get a trusted local partner, as a wizard and consultant, so as to better understand business opportunities in China, control risk and cost, improve business efficiency.


Our advantage:

    Business outlets covering Chinese and IT sales and service brand for many years,

    We owned as many as 100 for outstanding marketing, sales, foreign trade, engineering technology, enterprise management team.

We are modern enterprise management model. And we have rich experience on International cooperation and successful cases.

We are desired for you cooperation with flexible ways of cooperation (including product project cooperation, joint venture, joint venture, service, channel agent etc.).



Successful case

1. CabletronChinaTechnical service center

Methods: We used to be responsible for the formation of Cabletron technical service center in China. We spent six months to build a call center and a central spare parts warehouse in Beijing, and formed a team of engineers, and to achieve the normal operation of the service center.

Effect: Saved the budget of more than 50%, saved time up to 6 months going into China market.


2. AVLON Sales in China

Methods: We signed a sales and service Chinese area agency agreement with America AV company, and then we start the market planning, marketing, sales, installation and after sale services promotion action.

Effect: Within one year to promote the success of 20 sets, and quickly occupied the Chinese 100% market, expand the global turnover of 3%, significantly improve the visibility and influence the rate of market agents.


3. USS Chinese service

Methods: 2003 USS company won the bid of world bank loan projects for Chinese Railway Ministry in the "Jing Jiu railway line (Beijing – Kowloon, Hongkong) railway signal control system" s case, in which the core control system consists of 10 American HP minicomputer, storage, we successfully undertook to provide, computer equipment installation, on-site maintenance work, the scale of the project is $1,200,000.

Effect: Save USS labor cost is more than 75%, reduce the USS project management and customer communication pressure, shorten the construction period of 3 months.



Beijing Golden Point Outsourcing Service Co.,Ltd.

Address: Room703 No.12 Building, Changchunqiao Rd 5#, Haidian District Beijing, P.R.China

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